I didn’t know what to expect from getting a HydraFacial other than hearing that it promises to give you clearer, more hydrated, youthful, healthy skin immediately (without any redness or irritations). After having a baby, my hormones have been so crazy that I was noticing breakouts near my jaw line. The type that is really deep and hurt to the touch. I couldn’t wait to get to in my appointment at Honolulu MedSpa, a full-service medical spa in Hawaii to jump-start my hormonal skin.

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After getting checked in and putting on my strapless robe, I got cozy under their heated table and waited for my Aesthetician Ewa to start working her magic on me. Before we began, she went over in detail of exactly what she was going to do to my skin, as there is a process of 4 steps for this 50-minute HydraFacial with SkinMedica products.

Step 1: Cleansing and Exfoliation. Dead skin cells are removed to reveal healthy new skin.

Step 2: Acid Peel. This gentle peel helps loosen dirt and debris from pores without irritation.

Step 3: Extractions. Painless, automated extractions use vortex suction to clean out pores.

Step 4: Hydration. Antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid are Vortex-Fused to nourish and protect.

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Each treatment uses a series of patented HydroPeel tips- each one has multiple abrasive edges to exfoliate the skin several times each pass, achieving better, more even results. This vacuuming action not only exfoliates dead skin cells and rid of excess oil; it also deposits a serum to help loosen the dead cells and debris with its soft silicone tip sucking all that dirt out of our skin. Works like you’re almost steam-cleaning a carpet. Major deep cleaning!

When Ewa started working on my skin with the HydraFacial wand after cleansing, the glycolic and salicylic acid was deposited onto my skin through the tip. I didn’t feel any type of burning or discomfort. I only felt a very light sucking sensation that had a wet, cooling effect almost.

The extractions were so painless and she even did some manually that were too stubborn to come out of the skin. After she finished, I thought I would look like a big red lobster from the vacuum like suction, extractions and peels, but my skin was glowing and not a sight of redness! My skin felt so plump and radiant that I didn’t even need to wear any makeup for the rest of the day. I’ve got sensitive, but oily skin, so I was pretty shocked that it looked red carpet ready. This is something you can do the day of for a big event and not worry about any skin irritations. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone and everyone. Total game-changer for facials.

After a week of receiving this facial, I notice that my skin looks better and better every day. It’s like the gift that keeps giving.

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* Thank you Honolulu MedSpa for sponsoring this post. All photos and opinions are my own.