When I go on vacation, I like my beauty routine to go on one as well. Leaving the smoldering heat in Hawaii and coming to Italy, I knew my makeup would be kept to a minimal. I’m talking tinted moisturizer, bronzer, mascara and lip gloss. No mess and no fuss.

Mascara is always a must for me, but knowing I would be coming to Italy in the summer heat, I needed a mascara that didn’t have me looking like a raccoon in a few hours. Waterproof mascara has never been my BFF as it’s always such a pain to remove at the end of the day and it’s very drying to the lashes.

Boots No 7 just launched a mascara called, ‘Stay Perfect’ and let’s just say… It is perfect. The brush separates your lashes, lengthens and adds a little volume and the formula is smudge proof, humidity proof, flake proof and tear proof. I’ve been wearing it for the past 4 days I’ve been here and by the time dinner rolls around, no raccoon eyes are in sight. If you’re looking for that mascara that doesn’t smudge or run, look no further. I promise you will thank me.

What’s in the formula that makes this so amazing? It contains unique tubular technology for long lasting life-proof lash perfection lasting up to 24 hours. Each eyelash is individually wrapped with a special film which creates tiny elastic tubes around your lashes for greater volume and length.

When removing this mascara, don’t be alarmed. The first night when I was taking off my mascara with a cotton pad, it looked as if my lashes were on the cotton pad, but it’s actually long threads of elastic tubes. Simply hold a cotton pad soaked in hot water over your eye to gently release the tubes of color.

Stay perfect all day and this amazing mascara can be purchased at target.com; $6.79