The best part of living in Hawaii is that you get to live in your “rubbah slippahs” 24/7. (Hawaiian slang used to refer to your slippers, thong sandals or flip-flops)

It’s all about being beach chic and the beauty of Ipanema, is that you can rock them from your casual beach day attire to resort wear at night.


Ipanema has been one of Brazil’s hottest flip-flop brands and have now launched in the U.S. The brand epitomizes the look and spirit of Ipanema Beach and the Brazilian woman. (Click here to see our travels from Brazil)

Their styles are unique, vibrant, and exotic and maintain that great comfort for anyone that loves a mixture of both.


Stay tuned for more style looks with Ipanema on our upcoming resort travels. They are perfect for traveling as you can dress them up and don’t have to worry about packing that extra pair!

Shop my look:  Ipanema “Maya” style. $28; and Lotta Stensson Viper Mid Thigh Poncho. $179;