You may wonder the name, The Whole Ox Deli. They definitely know how to get around to using their butcher block as they utilize every part of the animal from TAIL to SNOUT. Yes, tail to snout! All of their beef are locally grown. The burst of flavors in these amazing dishes will make you think these animals were eating coconut glazed grass.


The Whole Ox


I had the pleasure in meeting Robert McGee yesterday, the mastermind Chef behind The Whole Ox Deli. With his extensive French culinary training, he brings intense flavors to everything on his menu. With his commitment to slow food, and relationship with small local farmers are at the core of his cuisine. ( We love The Whole Ox Deli even more!)  I had asked if he was going  to the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival coming up this weekend and his face lit up like a Christmas Tree. He was excited to share that Chef Roy Yamaguchi called him personally and asked to be a part of this great event at the very last minute. Congrats to you!!


Biscuits & Gravy with Sausage


I had the honor in taking my two friends here for lunch yesterday that had never been here before. It’s always exciting to share something with others, especially when it comes to food.  I had been here once for breakfast and three times for lunch. Every time I leave, I’m constantly saying out loud, “Damn, that was good!” My friends are now asking when are we going back for lunch?


Watermelon Salad


My favorites here are the “Porchettaboutit, Doug” (this sandwich will make you go gaga) Watermelon salad, Beets salad and Biscuits & Gravy with Sausage (OH EM GEE!). Now that they have a dinner menu, I will have to try their Pork Shank as Robert himself tells me it’s to die for! Come hungry!  🙂


“Prochettaboutit, Doug”