Let’s face it: Instagramming your vacation is a must-do! #Traveling is always on our mind and we upload the prettiest pics of our travels on the gram. As a local in Hawaii, we constantly get e-mails from friends and fans of all the must-see spots besides your typical Waikiki view, so get ready to have your phone front facing to capture the top 5 instagrammable beaches in Honolulu. These images are a bird’s eye view using a drone by Kenji Croman. (My husband and our photog- score!)

Kaneohe Bay Sandbar

You need a boat or kayak to get out to this magical raised strip of land in the middle of the bay. It’s open at low tide and such a great place for those wanting an adventure with a view. More the merrier…


Hanauma Bay

This world-famous bay is a snorkeling paradise with over 400 species and the perfect place to capture underwater. With its unique formed volcanic cone, this is both a Nature Preserve and a Marine Life Conservation District.


Waiamanalo Beach

It got rated the best beach in the U.S. last year. This jaw-dropping gorgeous stretch of beach has miles of turquoise water and the softest sand. This is one of our favorite spots on the island by far!


Lanikai Beach

Another Oahu beach that was once rated the best beaches in the world is snap worthy for sure. With the famous twin islands known as the “mokes” this is another beautiful beach, but has become extremely crowded with vacationers. (Pillbox hike has an amazing view of the entire beach, which is a must-do!)


Yokohama Bay

Most tourists never see this. For you travelers that are more of the unbeaten path and looking for an authentic beach getaway, this is the ultimate spot for you! Although not ideal for swimming, unless flat due to the big waves, this pristine, untouched beach is framed by the Waianae Mountain Range in the background.


* Never turn your back on the water. The ocean current in Hawaii is extremely strong. 

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