Maui is one of my favorite islands that I like to escape to. So many unique and different areas to go to that each place has their own rhythm and vibe.

Day 1

We wanted a relaxing day at the beach and ended our day with a beautiful sunset dinner at Sarento’s on the beach in Kihei. Their pork chops is a MUST to order!


Day 2

The first place that I wanted to go to is Kula. It’s probably my favorite place on the island. The scenic views, crisp fresh air and a feeling that I’m away from the crazy town madness.

It’s the “up-country” for Maui. If you can believe it, in the winter, temperatures dip down to the 40’s.

Three places that I love in Kula:

– Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm
– Surfing Goat Dairy Farm
– Maui’s Winery

If anyone knows me, I love lavender. The Kula Lavender Farm makes everything lavender. Everything. You can have lavender coffee and lavender muffins. It’s a lavender dream come true. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it there on this trip.

Our first stop, we headed to Surfing Goat Dairy. They make the world’s best goat cheese truffles and I couldn’t leave without getting my chocolate fix. It will make you have multiple orgasms in your mouth. My favorite is the coconut truffle!



After leaving the goat farm, we drove a few miles down and hit Maui’s Winery. Perfect pitstop for a free tasting and in the foothills of beautiful scenery.

The Maui Splash is one of our fave’s as it’s light and tastes like pineapple juice. Extremely refreshing and a great price! $11 for Kama’aina.



We ended the day by going to the movies to watch ‘Chasing Mavericks’ and had to evacuate during the movie for a Tsunami Warning. I thought my husband was joking. We had to pack up our condo and head for higher ground since we are directly across from the beach.

It was a little frightening when they said Big Island and Maui were going to get the brut of it. After seeing the tsunami wiping out the town in Japan, you always have to take necessary measures and never underestimate Mother Nature.

We finally got to go home at 1:30 in the morning with everyone else that was camped out. Glad it didn’t hit and everyone was safe.

Day 3

We just wanted to relax after a late night of chaos. We decided to take a little road trip to the beautiful North Shore of Maui. The windy, narrow road that you have to share with on-coming traffic will leave you in ahh. The cliffs are steep with dramatic views of the ocean.

Kahakuloa is a beautiful little village that you will go through. Julia’s world famous banana bread is a must, so be sure to bring $10 for a loaf (cash only). You can’t miss the bright green treehouse.

Stay tuned for more on Maui…