Happy Aloha Friday everyone!! The other day I did a special blog post over on Spyder’s website and just wanted to share a tid bit from it. We are taking our first international trip to Tokyo with Kaia in a few months and I shared why it’s important to travel with her and some rules we make as a family when it comes to traveling. We’ve been traveling with her since she was two months old, but never farther than Utah, so I’m anxious to see how this trip will go, mainly just the flight! I’ve already ordered some great toddler toys for the airplane that I hope will keep her occupied till we absolutely need to break out the iPad. (If you recommend any toys great for long flights, please comment on this post or e-mail me. Your tips are greatly appreciated).

For a quick life update on us, Kaia has been going to a pre-preschool a few days a week to ease her way into preschool next year. It’s been going great and love seeing her advancement on her comprehension and speaking abilities. Kids amaze me at the things they say- no filter! We don’t swear often, but I guess we use S-H-I-T enough where she has picked up on this. Oops! The other week she was eating a yogurt popsicle and it dripped on her toes and she said, “Oh shit!” I guess it’s time to really watch what we say now. For me, I’ve been working from home as my husband and I own a digital marketing agency, and it’s been so fun to be back in the work scene. Being a stay-at-home mom is hard and sometimes you just need an outlet where you can talk to adults… Ha!

Cindy moved to Miami and is getting settled there, but we’re so excited to see them in less than two weeks!! Counting down the days where we all can be together and our younger sister who is an architect in LA is also flying up for our little getaway. Rhys just turned 1 and Kaia will be 2 next month, so we’re definitely going to be having a little celebration for them. They are growing so fast!!

Stay tuned for more… Have a fab weekend! XX