Coming out of Winter and into Spring, we are starting to see sunnier days, flowers blooming and less clothing. Let’s face it, if you’re not living in Hawaii, you’re sporting a more rather ghostly appearance right?

For those that opt out of laying in tanning beds and want a safer solution, self tanning is the best way to go!

Prepping the skin prior to self tanning is the most important step in achieving the perfect steak-free tan. With these tips and tricks, you will be sporting the perfect sunless tan that will have people believing you jetted off to Miami for the weekend.

STEP 1:  Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!

This is the #1 important step of the process. Make sure to exfoliate the entire area you plan on self tanning using a loofah and plain bar soap. DO NOT use any type of sugar or salt scrubs. This usually tends to leave a greasy, oily residue that will leave the skin feeling slick and the self-tanner won’t absorb onto the skin. By exfoliating the skin with a loofah and bar soap, you are sloughing off the dead skin and creating a smooth surface in perfecting a streak-free tan. Be sure to shower with warm water.

STEP 2:  Shave your legs

Be sure to shave your legs prior if you plan on applying the self-tanner to this area of the body. This will help create a nice, even glow rather than a blotchy tan. * If you wax, be sure to wax 24 hours beforehand or else it won’t absorb well onto the skin. Try to avoid shaving after or you will remove some of the self-tanner.

STEP 3:  Prepping the skin

Towel off and make sure you are completely dry. Once you’ve dried off, apply some vaseline to your fingernails, toenails, cuticles, etc. to avoid any discoloration.

STEP 4:  Applying the application

There are many formulas of self-tanners like towelettes, gels, foams, lotions, etc., so decide how you’re going to apply it. You can use a sponge paint brush, wear latex gloves or even your bare hands. Before applying the product, you should test it on the inside of your wrist to see how the color will look on you or if you have an allergic reaction the day before. When applying the self-tanner, work from your feet and go up (you want to avoid any type of creasing in the body). Once you have applied an even coat of self-tanner, be sure to apply a little lotion to your elbows, back of the knees, wrists, ankles and underarms. You want to make the self-tanner look natural like you’ve actually been sun-kissed.

STEP 5:  Drying

Let the self-tanner dry for 10-15 minutes before putting your clothes on. After it’s dry, wear loose clothing and something you don’t care to get stains on. We prefer doing this in the evening time as you can relax doing this in the comfort of your home without feeling rushed to be somewhere. The morning after, take a shower and you should be glowing in time to sport the perfect sunless tan.

Our favorite self-tanners:

– CLARINS- Liquid Bronze Self Tanning

– CLARINS- Self Tanning Instant Gel

– ESTEE LAUDER- Bronze Goddess Golden Perfection Instant Tint Self-Tanner 

Need an emergency instant tan ASAP? 

Body Bling by Scott Barnes is hands down a must-have! This tinted body moisturizer gives you an instant glow that has you looking tan on the go. Easy application and washes off in the shower.

Do you have any favorite self-tanners or tricks?