I’m back!! It was tough not being able to blog while we were on our trip, but the concrete buildings made for spotty wi-fi and it was tough just to upload one photo on instagram. Now that I’m back, I’m beginning to sort through all my photos from the trip. One thing I’m glad I did, was write in my journal daily so that I wouldn’t forget anything.

Getting to Tulum was a trek! After traveling for 21 hours, we finally got to our lovely hotel at Posada Luna Del Sur. (which was rated #1 hotel in Tulum on Trip Advisor)

TIP:  Tulum’s high season is in December, so be sure to book 3-5 months in advance to get the hotel of your choice. (we booked a month out, which was way too late)

On the terrace of Posada Luna Del Sur

Our room at Posada Luna Del Sur

Just 2 hours south of Cancun, Tulum is nothing but eco-chic bungalows after another. It’s a very quiet, lazy beach town that separates itself from being a tourist resort attraction.

bohemian chic

Coqui Coqui

Coqui Coqui Terrace

It’s separated into two areas, Tulum town and Tulum Playa (beach). Tulum town is a strip that has unlimited restaurants, cafes, store fronts and more. My husband said it reminded him a little of Thailand. Tulum beach is very remote with their own private bungalows.

Lodging and food are much pricier in Tulum beach than Tulum town.

It really was everything plus more I had anticipated. My toes were melting in the soft sand and I couldn’t believe how clear and turquoise the water was. Very picturesque.

You see many people riding their beach cruisers and enjoying the laid back lifestyle that Tulum is all about.

Biking to the beach

El Paraiso Resort, Tulum

Sunrise in Tulum on Dec. 21

Tulum has many different attractions to see and do. There are many ruins to visit in the area (Chichen Itza, Coba and Tulum Ruins to name a few).

My husband’s photo of a wave swallowing the Tulum Ruins

Tulum Ruins private beach

Me looking at the beautiful ocean at Tulum Ruins Beach

Tulum Ruins

Turquoise water and white sand beaches

Coba Ruins

View from the top of Coba Ruins

Chichen Itza

Cenotes were probably one of my favorite things to see. We went to a few, but my favorite was Multum-ha near the Coba Ruins. It’s a underground cenote that was only discovered 15 years ago. It’s absolutely beautiful and the water is crystal clear.

Cenote at Chichen Itza

Multum-Ha Cenote

Looking down at how incredibly the water is so clear

Even though I live in paradise myself, it was hard not to fall in love with this bohemian chic spot. The people were so warm and had that Aloha spirit.

The sun is pretty powerful, so don’t forget to lather on that SPF and repeat when necessary. I can’t wait to come back and visit this beautiful place.

If you do come here, don’t forget to grab a bottle of Coqui Coqui perfume while you’re there. I got the CoCo and it smells like I’m still vacationing in Tulum.