The winter can cause a lot of havoc on the skin, causing breakouts, dull and lacking of a luminous glow. Having been skeptical of harsh facial peels, I decided to try an intense at-home peel from Natura Bisse- Glyco Extreme Peel. It’s a weekly intensive exfoliating treatment that you leave on for 15-minutes and then wash off with a wet face cloth. It’s so easy, quick and with 16 treatments (If you use 2 times, per week for 8 weeks) it doesn’t break the bank.

Ideal for all skin types, this super concentrated exfoliating peel dissolves dead cells and impurities, leaving the skin smooth and radiant. With innovative Beta-lipoacid molecules it reaches the deepest layers of the skin and accelerates its renewal process.

I massaged about 14 pumps of this clear, gel-like formula on my face, neck and décolleté and could feel it working in just a matter of minutes. It didn’t turn my face bright, tomato red like you hear about peels doing. My skin felt so smooth and looked as if I just got a facial.

Natura Bisse recommends not using any product containing Retinoic Acid or other strong anti-aging products while using this and applying SPF 30 after use.

Some might think for $250, it’s pricey, but when you can have 16 treatments out of it, it’s only costing you $16 per treatment. Now, that is a deal! Plus, 15 minutes later, you’re walking out the door like you just stepped out of the spa. Perfect for those last minute parties and dinner dates.

Visit www.naturebisse.com for more information.