We were elated when Lipstick Queen debuted The Endless Summer Lipstick Collection of 4 shades. Our favorite of course, is a bright, sheer, fire red called ‘Aloha’. It adds a burst of brightness from day to night and love that you can actually wear this to the beach as it contains SPF 15.


It’s so light on the lips, that you don’t even feel a thing. It glides onto the lips with a little pop of color and you can lay in the sun looking chic while being protected. With natural oils, Candelilla Wax and Vitamin E, get ready to sport an ultra-glossy lip during the endless summer.

Z33A4844 Z33A4796 Visit lipstickqueen.com to see more shades of this gorgeous collection. Each lipstick is $22 and we are hooked on this color! We love a bright pout, but more importantly, it’s a 2-in-1 and keeps our lips protected. Now, that is how you wear some ALOHA!