There’s no doubt that when it comes to traveling, we love staying at luxury hotels and fab destinations. Who doesn’t want to travel like Kings and Queens? Here is how we pick our home for a few days…

When we have picked our jet setter locale, we go straight to Conde Nast Traveler. They are the truth in traveling and they never let us down. There are so many great tips that we get from where to stay, restaurants to eat at, spas to check out and of course seeing the awards that hotels receive. This is when we know they have the final stamp of approval. It’s legit!


We then narrow our list to a few places and this is how we get to the final choice:

What type of awards has it received?  Believe it or not, this is a HUGE factor. When we go on vacation, we want it to be the best experience! Especially when you’ve never been to a place and other people have stayed there and given it an 11 out of 10. (We’re not high maintenance, we promise- we just love everything luxury. Didn’t you read our bio?) 😉

How are the rooms?  How’s the bed?  The view?  It doesn’t need to be a 1 bedroom suite, but it also can’t be a 4×4. Sleeping is important for us and want to be able to have better sleep on vacation than when we are at home. We love having a view, so looking out to the parking lot is not on the list.

Bathroom- Does it have a shower AND a jetted tub?  Since we both live in a large city with tons of skyscrapers, it’s a luxury of having a huge tub to soak in. It’s always a nice treat to have, right?

Toiletries- We love beauty products, so when a hotel carries luxurious beauty products, we are sold!

Does it have a pool?  This is a must when we travel during warm seasons. We love gorgeous pools and can lay out for hours soaking up the vitamin D! (Lots of sunscreen and Maui Babe is involved)

Are they known for great service?  When you’re on vacation, service goes a long way. When we stayed at Capella Ixtapa, they e-mailed us directly and asked all about what we wanted in our in-room refrigerator and asked if we had any food allergies. We were impressed that they went the extra mile and the service was excellent! When you arrive, you even have your very own personal assistant. Can’t wait to go again, it truly is one of the best places. Being one of the top-rated hotels with incredible views and #1 for their spa, you should be putting this on your bucket list.

Capella Ixtapa

Capella Ixtapa

How is the SPA?  Ohhh la la, we love getting pampered. We love when a spa is known for a signature treatment. The Four Seasons Wailea offers a great signature spa treatment and uses all ingredients from the Island. It truly is the best pampering treatment and know why it’s their signature. Someone please take us there again…

Four Seasons Wailea

Four Seasons Wailea

Do they have a great restaurant on-site?  Sometimes it’s just great staying on the property and not leaving. You can eat and drink all you want, that’s just the way we like it.

Does the property offer anything special?  A welcome arrival drink or even happy hour?  Again, when we stayed at Capella Ixtapa they had 2 Coronas with chips and salsa delivered to our room every day at 5pm. It was complimentary to all hotel guests and what a great touch. This was a just icing on the cake.

Hope you enjoyed reading what we usually look for when choosing the perfect hotel. Do your research when booking hotels, it will make your trip more pleasurable.