This past Friday we had our labor and delivery class at the hospital. I’m kinda still in shock that I’m going to be delivering our baby girl in a few weeks… During our class, we got to take a tour of our maternity ward and see where home will be for us when Baby K wants to make her appearance. I packed my hospital bag last night and hope it will get me through my first birth experience smoothly.

Our labor and delivery teacher gave us a list of what to pack and bring, but I also added a few of my own things that I thought would make this birth as graceful as possible. For you moms out there that would love to add anything, please let me know – I need all the advice I can get.

Z33A2855 GB Asana35 AP Infant Car Seat | Isabella Oliver Iffley Print Dress | Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall 

Toiletries (shampoo/conditioner, body wash, skincare essentials, hair ties, lip balm, toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, makeup)

When I’m away from home, I like to have my essentials that I’m familiar with to make me feel like I’m in my element. Although I don’t plan on putting on a full face, I still want to look somewhat decent, because it always makes me feel good and want to look alive. Ha! One thing I can’t live without is lip balm! Being a total beauty junkie, I can’t live without my skincare ritual.

Z33A2816 Darphin Cleansing Balm | Kat Burki Beauty Elixir | MUN No. 1 Brightening Youth Serum | Sisley Detoxifying Night Treatment | EVE LOM Brightening Cream | RMS Beauty lip2cheek | TATCHA Camellia Nourishing Lip Balm

Clothing (maternity robe, socks, slippers, nursing bra, going home clothes, cotton underwear, cardigan)

They recommended not bringing your A-game clothing to wear, so I packed a few old nightgowns that I didn’t care if they got ruined. I’ve been hearing that once you give birth, you still look like your pregnant, so I packed a maternity dress from Isabella Oliver that is uber comfy (worn in photo above). Slippers are a must for walking around the hospital and even showering, so my Ipanema slippers are packed away. I currently love Cake Lingerie nursing bra – it’s so comfortable you can sleep in it and no underwire! For all my necessities, I’m using my Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall Tote, which has so many compartments and great for organizing.


Electronics (Canon Camera, iPad, headphones, wireless speakers, phone charger, phone, white noise maker)

Who knows if I will be in too much pain or exhausted to be watching Netflix, but our hospital offers free WiFi, so it’s packed just in case. The hubby will probably find this more useful. One thing that is a must is my white noise maker from Marpac. Hospitals can be like hotels where it’s uncomfortable and loud and this always makes for a good nights rest. I highly recommend this for everyone!


Items for hubby (clothes, toiletries, blanket, pillow, socks, slippers)

It was nice to know that they offered a bed for my husband while being in the hospital suite with me. I packed a few clothing items for him, along with other things that he would want being away from home for a few days. His pillow is a must, so that is something we couldn’t forget.

Going-home clothes for Baby K (onesie, newborn hat, blanket, socks, mittens)

Since we are going through a major heat wave, light clothing is a must for baby. I packed her a onesie kimono style that is easy for dressing from babysoy. The hospital offers diapers and wipes, so that’s something we didn’t need to pack. I did bring nail scissors as I hear they don’t trim their nails for liability issues and some babies are born with long nails. I will have to ask my doctor about this, but just in case – it’s packed.


Car Seat

We got this installed a few days ago and it’s so funny to see a car seat in the back of our car. As I researched best car seat for 2015, the GB Asana35 AP got rated top 10 car seats this year. It was easy to install and it comes with a firmfit load leg which not many U.S. companies do this feature as it’s mainly used in Europe. (FirmFit load leg helps protect baby’s head, neck and spine in the event of a crash) The hospital will not allow you to leave with the baby until you’ve shown that this is installed. (stay tuned for a full review)

Miscellaneous (2 towels, RAD massage tools, lavender oil, snacks, quarters, hydro flask, nipple cream, ID, insurance card)

Even though the hospital offers you towels, they are so small, so bringing our own towels will just make the experience homier for us. I’m obsessed with my RAD massage tools and got them at a Wanderlust Yoga Festival. They help massage the body and will need some TLC for my feet and back. I even packed lavender oil to help calm and relax my state of pain. Ha! My hydro flask goes everywhere I go and I’m not even joking. This has been my BFF the whole 8 ½ months of pregnancy. I drink so much water and never needed ice water until I got pregnant. The hydro flask keeps my water ice cold even in the sweltering heat – it’s a must-have!


Wish us luck!! Don’t forget to add anything that I may have missed! XX