It is said that motherhood is the toughest job on the market, but the most rewarding.  It is the job/title many of us yearn for.  There are so many things that come with motherhood that many of us are unaware of until it happens.

In a matter of months your life completely changes for the better. But the changes are so drastic it can be challenging for many mothers, the isolation and loneliness on top of it all. That is where the need for mothers to connect comes into play: volia – Peanut, a free app for iPhone users.  Created by Michelle Kennedy who helped launch the successful dating app Bumble and former executive of the European social networking site, Badoo Peanut is often dubbed the “Tinder for moms.”  Like-minded moms connecting through a swipe or a “wave” or a “maybe later”

My sister was my confidante during my pregnancy, she had just had a baby in August (I was pregnant in November), it was all fresh for her.  The only caveat was she was in Hawaii and I was in New York.I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum and was looking for any and every treatment I could possibly try.  I was lucky to connect on Instagram with a fellow new mother, who lived in NYC  and had a ton of advice for me.  She connected me with an acupuncturist who specializes in pregnancy and infertility, recommended my OB (whom I wish all doctors were like), and even referred me to her baby nurse Trudy, who we were only going to have for three weeks but ended up keeping for three months.  Of course she also gave me all the “little” recommendations like strollers, car seats, blah, blah, blah!

Many of my girlfriends had babies but their little ones were no longer babies and my other set of girlfriends were not mothers yet. If Peanut had existed, it would have allowed me to connect with other soon to be moms or new moms experiencing the high’s and low’s of motherhood. Lucky for those now joining the tribe of “mamahood”, you can do just that through Peanut.

I was thrilled to participate in a video created by Peanut featuring the Poem, “What’s My Name Again,” by Hollie McNish.  This poem highlights the wonderful things and the behind the scenes of motherhood; no sleep, the loss of their identity/sense of self, etc.  Cheers to all the ladies who have joined the “mamahood” and ladies who have yet to join have no fear, peanut is here, because it truly takes a village!